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released February 26, 2014

Ash, Will, Josh.



all rights reserved


Sleeping Orchard

A few people experimenting with music.

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Track Name: Landing Party 2.0
Sat inside a hollow cave,
and I didn't know exploring felt this way.
Now I'm only waiting for the fun to arrive.

And when people walking past see what their missing,
They'll turn us upside down before We're through.
Now We're only waiting for some help to arrive.
Track Name: I Hope I'm Going Somewhere
Hope is such a funny thing,
It lies to us daily,
but I call on it sometimes.

And it keeps me out of bed,
and it has me going somewhere,
well I hope I'm going somewhere afterall.

And I'll look back and judge myself,
and I hope I'd disagree, but for now I do believe,
to hope is to deceive yourself.
Track Name: They've Got The City Surrounded
They've got the city surrounded,
don't you know? don't you know?
They're holding the keys and guarding the gates,
you'll never make it through, we'll never make it through.

They're onto something and it won't be long, it won't be long.
They're digging a hole and tunneling in, they're underneath our house.
Be quiet as a mouse.

They've got us surrounded,
don't you know?
don't you know?
They're holding the keys, and guarding the gates,
We'll never make it through,
We'll never make it through,
They'll come from under you,
You'll never make it through.
Track Name: Map Of The World
People lay down before their own,
dying as one inside their homes.
And I hold a map of the world.

Secrets and tales the people can't know,
flooding their brains and now it shows.
And I hold a map of the world.