Skinny Tales For Fat Folks

by Sleeping Orchard

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released November 29, 2013

Ash, Will, Josh.



all rights reserved


Sleeping Orchard

A few people experimenting with music.

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Track Name: Sofia Rodriguez
Making my way to the phone that's ringing, hoping it was a good friend.
It turned out to be an ex-wise man, you see? Offering all that he knows about the ways of the southern people and their hidden gold.
He said He had a map if We could take him on the road.

Then I told him quite nicely to go and "don't ever call again",
He had a wife, he called her Maria, but He didn't know her name was Sofia Rodriguez from Mexico.
And his whole family don't know.
Track Name: Spiders
Open up the doorway, let the spiders in.
Because of all the weather, I am feeling fine again.
But they tell me to leave and they're stealing my friends.

I found a place to sleep now, out where the river flows.
And all the boats and sailing and people passing by.
But they tell me to leave and they push me away.
Track Name: One Day At A Time
These tall days are wearing me down. I can't control my latest frown.
I feel myself just drifting around one day at a time.
And to move around like this is keeping me from the things I miss, but i can't take them with me one day at a time.
Most of all the people I knew, turn their heads and tie their shoes.
It doesn't matter when I'm with you one day at a time.
Track Name: Bottle Of Worms
Track Name: A Front Row Seat In The Sky
I've found myself on top of a cloud and I'm struggling to get back down.
I'm screaming at the top of my voice but down below they can't hear a sound.
But don't remind me 'cus sometimes I don't care.

Now I don't know why there aren't more people around.
A free ticket to Heaven, a front row seat in the sky.

I guess I'm here for a while and at least i'm having fun.
But I think my life would be better if sometimes I could touch the ground.
Track Name: The Magic Highway
I arrived on The Magic Highway yesterday.
And since then it feels like I've been living my own way.
Down the road a couple of miles to the east.

But they have their own police force that can run.
And they'll chase you if you're having too much fun.
And I guess that nowhere's perfect after all.

So I ran away to hide here underground.
And by singing this I'm risking being found.
And I hear that it's a punishment to fear.
Track Name: Line Dancing Is Weird
Lights above are turning on above our heads.
A man we see is waving to call us over there.
We found a place that's crawling.
They serve us with a smile.
People there are dancing strung out in a line.
It's an alien place to be, so happy and fancy free.
And the weather outside is pretty good.